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#Part NumberDescription 
#101PS31L-NS11RO-M00PS 40mm MM 1NO+1NC snap(+) roller View
#102PS31L-NT20LS-M00PS 40mm MM 2NO slow stainless stee View
#103PS31L-PS02RK-T00PS 40mm TT 2NC snap(+) one way LEV View
#104PS31L-PT12LP-T00PS 40mm TT 1NO+2NC slow(+) View
#105PS31M-CS11PR-M0LPS 40mm MM 1NO+1NC snap(+) met rol View
#106PS42H-MS11HZ-Y00PS 50mm MT 1NO+1NC snap(+) zinc pl View
#107PS42K-PT02P0-Y00PS 50mm MT 2NC slow(+) met plain PLUNGER View
#108PS42L-AT02RO-M00PS 50mm MM 2NC slow(+) roller LEVE View
#109PS42L-BS02W0-H00PS 50mm TM 2NC snap(+) Ø50 rubber View
#110PS42L-BT20W1-M00PS 50mm MM 2NO slow adj LEVER with View
#111PS42L-MT02RO-M00PS 50mm MM 2NC slow (+) roller UP View
#112PS42L-NS02RM-M00PS 50mm MM 2NC snap (+) highlights roller LEVER View
#113PS42L-NT20RT-M00PS 50mm MM 2NO slow nyl roller LEVER View
#114PS42L-PT02RH-T00PS 50mm TT 2NC slow (+) pl roller L View
#115PS42S-AS0209-T00PS 50mm TT 2NC snap(+) fully turnable head View
#116PS43L-MT11RT-M00PS 60mm MM 1NO+1NC slow(+) nyl roller LEVER View
#117PS43L-NT03W0-M00PS 60mm MM 3NC slow(+) Ø50 rubber View
#118PS43L-PT03LB-M00PS 60mm MM 3NC slow(+) nyl actuato View
#119PWA01CM485ACos j mono-phase - Conn.undecal View
#120RGC1A23D15KGU1P-SSC-DC 15A 230V ZC IN-800VP-U-SRW IN View
#123RSBT2232EV10HP3PH COMP.SOFT START 220V 32A 110 -400V I/P View
#124RSXK400690B02VCF3P SOFTSTART 690A 230-460V FAN230V + C + F View
#125SB4B14455D61827G029 View
Displaying 101 - 125 of 14,561


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